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Internship New Zealand was established more than a decade ago in We were the first New Zealand business to offer paid quality internships in New Zealand. Since we began in we have also sent tertiary students, new graduates and longer term graduates to the USA on a J1 Visa.

The second phase of Modern Apprenticeships nationwide roll-out begins in June and Skill New Zealand is now seeking Modern Apprenticeships Co-ordinators to work with employers and apprentices in the new industries the scheme is to expand into.

Immigration NZ, skill shortage list: Where to find job vacancies Sincethe number of online job vacancies for chefs has increased at a. Immigration New Zealand is promising to fast track visas for the right workers, but experts say we need to look locally as well.

Only one in 10 businesses take on apprentices, and Master Builders. At the end of your apprenticeship you will receive a Level 4 New Zealand certificate in the area you studied. For example, a New Zealand Certificate in Seafood Processing (Level 4) or a New Zealand Certificate in Automotive Electrical Engineering (Level 4).

Working holiday frequently asked questions. Your employer can also verify your entitlement to work using Immigration New Zealand’s online Visa view service. You’ll need to get an IRD number (which you can apply for online at to give to your employer for tax purposes.

Signwriting apprenticeships nz immigration
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