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Ontario Student Record (OSR) Guideline, 2000

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Click on thumbnail to have video. Families New to the Clark County School District Parents of children new to CCSD can use the link below to register. After completing the online registration application, bring all required documents to your child's zoned school. South Korea saw record-high growth in international student numbers inwith the Chinese students making up the largest proportion, according to data released by the National Institute for International Education.

Seminole State has partnered with Microsoft to offer Office as the College's official student email system. This is the only email system the College uses and the only way Seminole State will communicate with you about your student record once your MySeminoleState account has been created.

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Class of Through Exit Exam Suspended. Students from the classes of through who completed all graduation requirements and coursework and attended school through the 12th grade but did not pass one or both sections of the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) may be eligible for a high school diploma.

Minimum Age and Entrance Requirements

INTRODUCTION. The Ontario Student Record (OSR) is the record of a student's educational progress through schools in Ontario. The Education Act requires that the principal of a school collect information “for inclusion in a record in respect of each pupil enrolled in the school and to establish, maintain, retain, transfer and dispose of the record”.

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