The several techniques used by teachers to exploit a students highest potential

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Motivating Students

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Which Study Strategies Make the Grade?

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Chapter What Is the Teacher's Job When Teaching?

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In the sphere of teaching, such techniques can productively help students develop motivation and even instil self-motivation, and can also help teachers manage the course, the classroom, students' motivation, and their own performance.

But, the coercive and repressive techniques used by many public school administrators today to 'keep students in line' is why I believe that many high school teens, in particular, find school to. The study examined the impact of the Flashback method on both the academic achievement of students whose teachers used it and students' attitudes toward world history.

To measure achievement, a specially designed test on the material taught in the unit was administered to students whose teachers used the Flashback approach and to students whose. The purpose of this study is to examine the potential mismatches in viewpoint between students and teachers regarding motivational strategies in the Saudi context.

One way to help students jump this hurdle is to “ provide comprehensible input directly to the LEP student by teaching content in English using strategies and techniques that make the content comprehensible to the second-language learner (Shortp.


The several techniques used by teachers to exploit a students highest potential
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What Is the Teacher's Job When Teaching?