Tuong theater consultancy engagement project

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New Amsterdam Theatre

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Center for Civic Engagement

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Prior to joining McCarter inAlex worked as an educator and administrator for Magic Circle Theater, Boston Latin School, High C Consulting, and SpeakEasy Stage Company.

Alex is a graduate of Boston College where she studied Secondary Education, English, and Theatre. 87AM is a leading full-service digital agency focused on the performing arts, entertainment, and culture. After great success in the largest markets in North America including New York City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, the agency expanded to London, England, in the summer of Tram Le.

Associate Director () External Consultant (Present) Tram Le previously served as the Interim Director of the Center for Asian Pacific American Students at Pitzer College and worked as the Community Bridges Program Manager for the Ford Theatres/Ford Theatre Foundation.

About the project. The project “I love my Country: Promoting Localized Understanding and Peaceful Coexistence in South Sudan” is a month project (December 1, - January 31, ) funded.

In an effort to make the project’s overall planning approach as inclusive, creative, and participatory as possible, the team reached out to neighborhood organizations, the area’s business community, and cultural institutions in order to create a larger public dialogue about the future of the area.

Tuong theater consultancy engagement project
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